by Drea Nicole 

What is The Application Process Like For Eyelash Extensions?

The process of getting eyelash extensions is relaxing and pain-free! I will lead you to my comfy massage table. The music will be peaceful, the atmosphere uplifting. Laying down with your back on the table the simple process with a surreal payoff will begin. For the next two hours you will be laying peacefully with your eyes closed. Many clients just fall asleep as they don’t feel a thing. The lashes never touch your skin nor do the tweezers we use to install the lashes. Gently and gracefully I will isolate your natural lashes one by one and apply the new eyelashes using a non-irritating adhesive. One hair at a time, for the next two hours I will brush your eyelashes with tweezers until the fullness you desire is achieved! It is a completely pain free procedure. There is absolutely no discomfort or pain. I invite you to relax and even find a new meaning to the term “beauty sleep!

Pink Set

Fiya Set

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3 to 4 Week Refill

2 Week Refill

1 Week Touch Up

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